About PRE Horses


The Purebred Spanish was created in the sixteenth century, at times of economic and political boom in Spain. It was the perfect combination of Renaissance beauty and Spain’s Golden Age; it is thus, the faithful reflection of the literature at that time. Purebred Spanish horses reflect both the past and the present, while at the same time allowing us to sense a future full of possibilities. Equilibrium is always the key to success; that is why this horse is one of the most appreciated breeds in the work. It is a perfect balance. The best horse is one that is good at everything. Its beauty and levelheadedness are the result of the care and respect for maintaining its blood pure, without crossbreeding and with genetic quality that passes from one generation to another.

One of its most appreciated virtues is its versatility. Psychologically well-balanced, with a harmonious shape, a willingness to work and intelligence, are all aspects that back its potential to attain unimaginable limits.