Tara fan Synaeda Crown AA

Reinder 452 Sport AA x Beart 411 Sport Preferent

DOB: March 25, 2014

Stamline 50

Kinship: 17.8

Height: 169m


2019 was a very exciting year for Tara fan Synaeda. She became the Champion of the 5 year and older mare class and named Reserve Champion of the adult mares at the Mare Show West. During the Championship round the judges bestowed the prestigious title of Crown to her!

Tara was also named #1 mare on the KFPS 2019 Breeding Value list made up of all FHANA mares in North America and she was #29 in the world! Her total breeding index was 111 and her kinship is 17.9. Eleven Synaeda mares were on the 2019 KFPS Breeding Value List of top mares in the world, exemplifying this consistent, excellent line of breeding. In 2022 Tara was among the top mares on the Breeding Value List with a total breeding index of 112 making her the number one mare in North America. Three mares had breeding values of 114, five mares had breeding values of 113 and 30 mares had breeding values of 112 making Tara among the third place friesian mares in the world!! Her amazing dam, Wille fan Synaeda Crown, Prestatie AAA, scored 113 placing her second in the world with four other mares.

Racial type, movement, character and sport ability, everything you want in a Royal Friesian Horse!


2018 IBOP at the Hanford, California Keuring Scored 79.5 in ridden dressage

Champion- Iron Springs Farm Dressage Cup Award

Willie Arts Trainer/Rider

North America FHANA IBOP Dressage 2nd Place