About Friesian Horses


In 1913 the Friesian horse was almost extinct with an all time low of only three approved breeding stallions. It would be 10 years before another Friesian Stallion would be approved. By 1918 there were 166 Friesian mares registered. This near extinction of the breed and resulting inherited genetic disorders resulted in the current strictly enforced breeding standard and inspections by the Dutch registry, only approving the best stallions for breeding. The selection and testing requirements for a stallion to gain breeding approval are so rigorous that only a handful of young stallions are approved each year. And, four years after approval, the stallion’s offspring must demonstrate to the Dutch inspectors that the stallion makes a positive impact on the breed or his approval will be withdrawn. It is a merciless process that insures that only the very best stallions will influence the future of the Friesian horse. The Friesian horse was introduced to the USA in 1974.There are approximately 100 Approved breeding stallions worldwide with an average of 24 of them residing in North America. You can find more information about the Friesian horse at www.fhana.com and www.fenwayfoundation.com


As you consider your Friesian breeding program, it is important to select the right stallion for your mare line. WHM Equine is proud to stand Everheart of WHM at stud. Carefully bred and a wonderful example of the gentle Friesian spirit, Everheart is a fantastic addition to your breeding program.