Windhorse Mountain Equine (WME) is a renowned horse ranch nestled amidst the scenic beauty of rolling hills and pristine landscapes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Yosemite National Park. Founded by a life-long passionate horse lover, Sharon Bechler, the ranch has established itself as a leading breeder of exemplary KFPS Friesian horses, PRE Andalusians, and BPS Barock Pintos. With a deep reverence for the the sensitive and complex nature of each horse, WME has become a trusted name in the equestrian community.
Led by a team of experienced professionals who possess a profound understanding of horse breeding and care, the ranch upholds a commitment to excellence in every aspect of their operations. Their focus lies not only on the physical attributes of the horses but also on their temperament, intelligence, and trainability.
At Windhorse Mountain Equine, the Friesian horses are known for their striking beauty, noble presence, strength, gentle nature and flowing manes. These magnificent creatures captivate the hearts of riders and onlookers alike, combining grace with power and versatility. The Andalusians, renowned for their elegance and agility, showcase a rich history and carry an air of regality. The Barock Pintos, with their unmatched sporty and spirited nature, flashy color and stellar conformation embody the essence of an enduring partnership between horse and rider.
In addition to their exceptional horses for sale, WME proudly offers stallion stud services. Their carefully selected stallions possess exceptional lineage, ensuring the continuation of superior bloodlines and desirable traits in future generations.
Throughout its journey, Windhorse Mountain Equine has earned a reputation for integrity, honesty, and a genuine love for horses. The ranch strives to match each horse with the perfect owner, fostering lifelong connections and partnerships built on trust and mutual respect. Whether it’s for competitive riding, leisurely trails, or the love of equine companionship, Windhorse Mountain Equine is dedicated to providing remarkable horses that embody the spirit and grace of the wind horse itself. Hope to see you at the ranch! Sharon Bechler, Owner