Wytske ut de Grachten | Crown Sport

Crown Sport

Beart 411 x Tsjerk328

Eelk fan Synaeda

Stamline 25

Embryo transfer available.

Born in 2007, Wytske ut de Grachten Crown, Sport, stamline 25,  was imported from Friesland. She is 16 hands tall, has lots of beautiful hair and has a strong forward energy and stature. Her sport predicate was earned in dressage driving and she is a picture of elegance in harness. Wytske is not only athletic but also has a gentle personality and fiery attitude under saddle or in the show ring!
Her sire is the famous Beart 411 Sport Preferent and dams’ sire is the great Tsjerk 328 Sport Preferent. Her dam, Eelk fan Synaeda Star is a beautiful mare from the Synaeda line of top friesian horses in the Netherlands. She is negative for dwarfism and hydrocephalous.

2009 1st Premium Star

2010 Central Mare Keuring, Friesland, 1st Premium Star


Sport Predicate in Dressage Driving

Champion of 3 year old mares

2016 in the top 3 several times in Driven Dressage

Reserve Champion 4 years and older mares


1st Premium

 Champion Mare

   Champion of the Day

Accepting reservations for a limited number of embryo transfers.