Guinevere of WHM SOLD

Guinevere of WHM SOLD

Sold- Congratulations to her new forever family!

Born March 12, 2018

Dam Tara J. Star

Height: 162 m

DNA tested negative for Hydrochephalus and Dwarfism

Stamline 49- 5 approved stallions from this stamline

Kinship 16.5

Inbreeding coefficient/ 5 generations: 2.34%

Dam’s Sire: Otte 375

Height: 165 m

On September 15, 2005, the nine-year-old Friesian Otte 375, an approved FPS breeding stallion, passed away due to an inoperable injury.
Otte 375 combined excellent performance, remarkable quality and stellar character. In 2004, Otte 375 was given the title of Ride and Drive Champion in The Netherlands. In December 2002 he earned the title Grand Champion in The Netherlands’ Z1 Dressage Level. His spacious trot with superior extension has enabled him to reach such high levels in Dressage.
He received the top score overall in the Central Stallion Testing in Drachten 2000 with score of 84.4, with additional remarks on his outstanding powerful movement with extraordinary air time. That is the highest score recorded at that event.
He has sired over 60% first and second premium foals, with zero percent white, and is credited with an extremely high pregnancy and birth rate in serviced mares. 2004 was his first foal crop.

Sire: Uldrik 457 Sport Preferent AAA

Height: 166m

Guinevere’s sire Uldrik 457 Sport was crowned champion at the stallion inspections in 2010 and 2011 and reserve champion in 2012. Uldrik is a long-legged stallion typical for his breed, with a beautiful head and long, well-shaped neck, he is well-proportioned and built uphill with hard, dry legs a hallmark of superior quality.

Uldrik broke all records at his inspection with 88 points for dressage under saddle (saddle test), 94 points for dressage in harness (driving test) and 95.5 points for the harness (show-driving) test. Uldrik possesses three excellent paces, characterised by self-carriage, elasticity and freedom of the shoulder. The strength of this outstanding all-rounder lies in his excellent hind leg activity, which was rewarded with a 9.5 in the trot, and a 9 in the harness test.

KFPS Judge Herman Smit: “Uldrik is an innate talent! A top athlete with the right combination of temperament, athletic ability and an incredible amount of natural balance, which ensures regularity and rhythm of his paces at all times. I have never seen a horse like this before, he’s very special.” Uldrik’s offspring are well put together with powerful and extravagant movement.

Guinevere’s sire, the amazing Uldrik 457!

Guinevere 6 months old at the Hanford inspection on 9-22-18. She received a 2nd Premium with scores of 7.5 for her racial type and 7.5 for her feet and legs. She is a beautiful representation of the Friesian horse.
Guinevere on the right as a yearling. She is always willing to try new things!
Guinevere 2 years old.
Guinevere – power, beauty, disposition, a perfect example of the friesian horse.